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About food packaging, packaging is an important part of food commodities. It has to protect food, prevent food from the factory to consumers in the process of circulation of biological, chemical and other external factors, maintain the stability of food itself, is an indispensable part of every aspects of our daily life, can be convenient food consumption, and can show the appearance of food, attract consumers, has the value of material cost. Food safety is a big issue related to the national economy and people's livelihood, packaging is closely related to this, its importance is not in doubt, according to the different packaging materials, food packaging can be divided into metal packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging, and so on.

With the rapid development of China's economy, plastic flexible packaging will be the main direction of market development, driving the continuous growth and consumption upgrading of China's consumption market, at the same time for our flexible packaging industry and put forward higher requirements: such as green environmental protection, diverse functions, safe and reliable, low price and other new hair more trend.


Our company also actively respond to the market and meet the requirements of the guests, from the product design, production process, material analysis and equipment automation update has made a great breakthrough, the whole process of research and development, the systematic follow-up of the whole product.

Through our joint efforts, our company has developed sterile high-temperature cooking packaging bag, automatic sealing and easy to uncover film, oil anti-facing and anti-preservation packaging bag, homogeneous recycling zipper bag, degradable cellulose packaging bag and QR code anti-counterfeiting packaging bag, etc. Follow the market, based on the market, service market to do differentiated products.


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