Why Us

Why Us

Our factory can provide you with a one-stop service experience. From the customer to provide packaging bag printing materials to contribution processing, from the production of copper plate to printing, film mulching, cutting, bag making, finished product inspection, from packaging and shipment to after-sales service, the whole system has professional personnel to follow up processing!

Our Advantages

Like to create special products together with customers

We have a design and technical team to provide strong support for the development of new products for our customers.

Pay attention to details

Our company requires every employee, to do every detail to be rigorous treatment, can not ignore any link and details.

The testing equipment is complete

We have a pull tester, chromatographic apparatus, leakage detector, friction coefficient meter, vacuum machine, heat sealing instrument and a set of complete testing equipment, can well meet the customer testing requirements!

Environmental paper bag window opening technology

Our environmental paper bag window opening technology has the leading advantage, to make the products to meet the needs of customers from the European and American markets , loved by customers.

Certificate Of Honor

Since its establishment in 2015 to now, our company has successively passed a series of certifications, paving the way for us to explore the international market. In the future, we will continue to work hard to increase some customer needs of certification, to meet the needs of customers!

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