In recent years, with the continuous development of China's economy, the variety and application scope of plastic film have been continuously expanding, and the market demand for plastic film products has grown steadily, promoting the sustainable development of the flexible packaging industry. But as the plastic film in our country packaging and agriculture and other fields are widely used at the same time, waste plastic “white pollution” problem also caused widespread attention around the world, make a series of biodegradable plastic gradually favored by the market, but also will promote plastic packaging industry in China in the direction of green.

At present, our company is also urgently responding to the call of the country, launched a series of paper, packaging bags, homogeneous packaging bags, biodegradable packaging bags, recyclable and children's safety buckle packaging bags, etc., and also put forward the improvement of technology, energy saving and consumption reduction, green environmental protection, intelligent and efficient four directions of development. Because the plastic film itself colorless, tasteless, soft and other characteristics, is widely used in packaging, especially in the soft packaging industry, at present, our company's product packaging is mainly dry food packaging, prefabricated vegetables fast food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, agricultural seed packaging, express buffer packaging, epidemic prevention materials and daily chemical products packaging.


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