Eight Sided Pouch Sealing

Eight Sided Pouch Sealing

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As leading eight side seal bag manufacturers, our state-of-the-art factory is dedicated to delivering top-quality and customizable packaging solutions. Equipped with advanced machinery and operated by a skilled team, we ensure precision and excellence throughout the production process. From design collaboration to the utilization of eco-friendly printing practices, our eight side seal bag factory excels in crafting innovative packaging solutions for diverse industries. Trust our commitment to quality, cutting-edge technology, and personalized service for reliable and visually appealing custom eight side seal bags tailored to your unique requirements.

Main Products

Eight Sided Pouch
Eight Sided Pouch
Eight Sided Pouch
Eight Sided Pouch

Paper plastic composite pouch main product 1

This is an ordinary three-sided sealing pouch, but the surface paper is directly printed with environmental protection ink. Inside, we employ the innovative practice of applying a spray film. Customers can conveniently seal the pouch directly. This product, initially developed for a prominent Chinese domestic underwear factory, has gained significant popularity in China!

In addition to our three-sided sealing pouch, we are proud to introduce our custom eight-side seal bag. This new offering provides enhanced versatility and ample space for branding. The eight-side seal design ensures durability and integrity, making it an ideal packaging solution for a variety of products. Our commitment to environmental sustainability extends to this product as well, featuring the use of eco-friendly materials and printing inks. Join the trend and elevate your packaging with our custom eight-side seal bags, meeting both functional and eco-conscious demands.

Eight Sided Pouch

Paper plastic composite pouch main product 2

This is a eight side sealing paper packaging bag, but the surface paper is directly printed with environmental protection ink, intermediate composite aluminum, inside the composite PE, can guarantee the shelf life of the product, customers can use hot sealing, can also use zipper-lock to close the bag, this product is one packaging bag which our company develop forone Chinese domestic production of well-known tea factory .

Eight Sided Pouch

Paper plastic composite pouch main product 3

This is a square bottom packaging bag, the surface is thin film printed fine pattern, the middle composite kraft paper, the inner layer of composite pure aluminum, can guarantee the shelf life of the product, this bag type is adhesive practice, the inner layer without composite film, this product is the product of a customer in Southeast Asia.

Advantage Classification

Eight Sided Pouch

We can open the front or back window

We are a professional manufacturer specializing in custom eight-side seal bags, dedicated to providing excellent solutions for showcasing our customers' products. With our expertise in front and back window processing, we can create custom eight-side seal bags with window sizes that cover up to 60% of the entire front or back surface. The minimum window height can be as small as 20 millimeters. Our refined craftsmanship and highly customizable services ensure that your custom eight-side seal bags effectively highlight the unique features of your products.

Eight Sided Pouch

We can directly ink and print white brown paper or yellow brown paper

We employ specialized copperplate or flexographic printing techniques, coupled with environmentally friendly water-based inks, to ensure that our printing is both environmentally safe and meets the specific requirements of our customers. This commitment extends to our custom eight-side seal bags, where we utilize these printing methods to create a product that not only adheres to environmental standards but also satisfies the unique preferences of our clients. With our focus on custom eight-side seal bags, we guarantee a printing process that is both eco-friendly and tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

Eight Sided Pouch

Can provide one-stop service from design-printing-coating-pouch-product inspection-after-sales service

We have dedicated designers to handle customer designs until the files are confirmed by the client. After the design phase, we send the files to reputable copperplate or flexible companies to complete the mold. All processes are carried out using state-of-the-art machinery for each step, followed by packaging inspections. Our dedicated customer service personnel will track the usage of custom eight-side seal bags, ensuring smooth utilization.


Eight side sealing bags are widely used in various industries globally, and we have outlined the majority of their applications:

  • Food Packaging: Used to package a variety of foods such as dried fruits, nuts, candies, coffee, tea, etc. Eight side sealing bags provide excellent barrier properties, maintaining the freshness and quality of food products.

  • Cosmetics and Personal Care Products: Used for packaging cosmetics, shampoos, shower gels, and other personal care products. Eight side sealing bags offer an attractive appearance while protecting products from moisture and contamination.

  • Medical Supplies: In the medical field, eight side sealing bags can be used to package medicines, medical devices, and other medical supplies, ensuring product hygiene and safety.

  • Industrial Products: Used for packaging various industrial products such as chemicals, powders, granules, etc. The durability and strength of eight side sealing bags make them an ideal choice for different industrial needs.

  • Home and Daily Products: Suitable for packaging laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, household cleaning products, and other items. Eight side sealing bags have extensive applications in the household and daily products industry.


1. What is an eight side sealing bag(8 side seal bag)?

An eight side sealing bag (8 side seal bag), distinguished by its unique eight-sided sealing design, is a specialized packaging solution known for increased stability and versatility in various applications. Crafted by reputable manufacturers and factories, the production process involves design collaboration, precision printing with eco-friendly inks, and meticulous mold creation for a flawless final product. Customizable to specific dimensions and materials, these bags cater to diverse industry needs, offering enhanced stability and visual appeal. Choose from established manufacturers for a reliable, eco-conscious, and customized eight side sealing bag(8 side seal bag) solution across food, agriculture, cosmetics, medical, industrial, and electronics industries.

2. Why choose eight side sealing bags from manufacturers and factories?

Choosing eight side sealing bags from reputable manufacturers and factories ensures high-quality craftsmanship, advanced technology, and customization options. Trusted producers can tailor bags to specific dimensions, materials, and designs.

3. What distinguishes custom eight side seal bags from standard options?

Custom eight side seal bags are specifically tailored to individual requirements. Manufacturers and factories offering customization options can create bags with unique dimensions, materials, and designs to meet diverse industry needs.

4. Are eight side seal bags suitable for various industries?

Yes, eight side seal bags are versatile and find applications in diverse industries such as food, agriculture, cosmetics, medical, industrial, and electronics. Their stability and adaptability make them an ideal choice for various packaging needs.

5. Can manufacturers provide eco-friendly options for eight side seal bags?

Reputable eight side seal bag manufacturers often prioritize eco-friendly practices. They may utilize environmentally safe materials and printing inks, contributing to sustainable and responsible packaging solutions.

76 What are the benefits of choosing 8 side seal bags for packaging?

Eight side seal bags offer enhanced stability, excellent barrier properties, and a visually appealing design. Their versatility, strength, and customization options make them suitable for a wide range of products in different industries.

6. How does the after-sales service work for custom eight side seal bags?

Reputable manufacturers provide dedicated after-sales service to track the usage of custom eight side seal bags. This ensures continuous support, addressing any concerns and ensuring a smooth experience for clients.

Choosing eight side sealing bags from established manufacturers and factories guarantees a reliable, customizable, and environmentally conscious packaging solution for a variety of industries.


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