What Is an Eight-Side Sealing Bag? What Are the Advantages of Eight-Side Sealing Bags?

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With the continuous development of the times, people's consumption concepts are also constantly changing, and people's pursuit of quality of life is also constantly advancing. Taking food as an example, the quality of food packaging bags directly affects customers' desire to buy. An exquisite food packaging bag can instantly improve the level of the product itself and add value to the product. In the following, the editor will answer for us what is an eight-side sealing bag, and what are the advantages of an eight-side sealing bag.

What is an eight side sealing bag?

As the name implies, there are eight edges, four on the bottom and two on each side. The eight-side sealing bag is a new bag type that has only emerged in the past two years. Because of its good three-dimensional effect, the eight-sided sealing bag looks more layered and is widely loved by customers.

What are the advantages of eight-sided sealing bags?

The eight-sided sealing bag is the most suitable flat-bottom bag type for film materials among the three flat-bottom bags. This packaging combines the advantages of film materials and the visual performance of flat-bottomed stand-up shelves. Compared with traditional stand-up pouches, the volume is increased, and it is a new choice for upgrading traditional stand-up pouches. A zipper can be added, which is convenient for repeated use, avoiding the defect that the organ bag cannot be zippered, and a one-way exhaust valve can also be added.

The main advantages of eight-side sealed bags can be summarized as follows:

1. Standing stably, conducive to the display of loan racks.

2. There are eight printing pages in total, enough space to describe products for product sales and promotion, and the product information display is more complete.

3. Since the bottom of the bag is completely open, the bottom of the bag is a good display layout when the bag is laid flat.

4. The eight-sided seal stands upright, which is conducive to the beautiful display of the brand.

5. With flexible packaging composite technology, the material is varied, according to the thickness of the material and the barrier property of oxygen, the display effect and even the printing effect are better.

6. The eight-sided-sealed zipper bag is equipped with a reusable zipper.

7. The appearance is unique, and easy for consumers to identify, which is conducive to the brand building; it can be printed in multiple colors, and the product has a beautiful appearance and has a publicity effect.

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